I. Hate. Downtime. You should, too.

It’s your technology.

They are your tools.


Make it work for you.

You can always expect a level of personal service absolutely unheard of in IT, as we're always glad to break yet another stereotype of IT workers.


We treat every system I’ve ever worked on with the dignity and respect it deserves, much like a doctor/patient relationship.


(We know HIPPA and PCI quite well, and how to make sure you stay compliant.)


If you just want your widget to work (be it a home WIFI network, or a corporate server farm), I can make that happen.


If it won’t happen with what hardware/software is provided, I’ll guide you to a state where it will.</manifesto>

In a world dominated by Doublespeak and Jargon, IT doesn’t need to be as esoteric as it’s been made out to be.

That's part of the reason why this website is as "simple as it is."


Because that's how Tech should be.

Users are scared and unsure as to what they should do to keep their devices running smoothly.


Business Owners and Managers are unaware of how to proceed when an issues arises. They need to focus on their business at-hand, not troubleshooting.


I translate all of that into easy-to-understand bits (and bytes) for Users to digest.