You have questions? I would hope so!


Here are some of the best responses I can come up with!I will always be adding to this list, as questions continue to be asked. (List generated 6.15.11, unless noted)


  • "Do you work on Macs? Windows? PC's? Laptops? Desktops? Servers? Kiosks? Smartphones? Tablets? Point of Sale Terminals? Toasters? (?!) Etc...


YES, YES, and YES! We boast decades of experience, in each of these realms, so there's very few instances where we won't be able to help! From Home Theaters to Workstations, from Media Centers to Data Centers, we do it all.


Keep in mind that "repair" is not our only service. In fact, we act as consultants to various companies in, around and outside Portland, Oregon in even more varied industries. In fact, you name it, and we've likely worked with it!


  • “You only charge $XX? That’s rather inexpensive. How do you justify that?”


Working on computers is less of a job and more of a hobby to me. I’m a by-the-book definition of a ‘technophile.’ I love everything to do with it. At the same time, I’m a fanatic when it comes to logic puzzles, which is the simplest way I can explain it.


As far as I’m concerned, a ‘malfunctioning’ computer is a large-scale logic puzzle.


  • “But, still. The lowest (insert chain here) charges is (insert double/triple amount here)! What’s your scam? Low-quality work? Hidden fees? Slow pace, using the hourly bit to make up for it?"


I’ll try and answer this without the soapbox: We do housecalls.We don’t have a sales quota. While we respect the folks that punch-in for work at the big-box stores, they tend to have quotas and sales incentives hanging over their heads, decreed by a faceless corporate office. I don’t have any of that.


Often, big-box Tech Support is paid and rated, not by the quality of work, but quantity! "Format and forget" is a common phrase, as the quickest way to ‘fix’ an issue is to erase the hard drive and reinstall the Operating System, losing precious data in the process!


We, personally, set the ‘first hour labor free’ as a deadline for us. From the second we start working on your system, we're racing against the clock! We actually don’t want to work on a system more than an hour, but it does happen, depending on the issue.


  • “But, when I bought my computer, (insert store here) told me that I could just come back to them, and they’ll diagnose the issue for free!”


Again, trying to avoid the soapbox: Where you bought it was a retail store. As someone that has spent far more time than I care to admit working retail, I can assure you that offering anything ‘free’ is the easiest way to get a customer to return to buy something else.It’s not unusual to be quoted a repair price (labor, parts, etc.) that might be over half of what you originally paid for the machine. As it IS a business, the retail store is banking on the hope that whatever scenario they can present is easily fixed by purchasing the newest model of machine that currently resides on the store floor.


  • “Okay, you like being quick. So you’ll just erase the hard drive inside, and I’ll lose all my files, then charge me, right?”


Storytime. When I was first tinkering with the internals of my personal computer, anytime it began to behave ‘oddly,’ I would instantly get out my copy of Windows and begin the process of formatting (erasing) my hard drive so I could install a ‘brand new’ copy of the Operating System. After that, I would have to start on the laborious task of re-downloading and reinstalling all the programs I’d used, as well as rebookmarking all my favorite websites, tweaking settings for folder displays back to the way I had it, games pictures, music, etc…This could stretch from either a few hours to a weekend!


I take pride in swiping this quote from a friend: “I’m a lazy worker. I’d rather do it right the first time, than do it right the second time!”


Erasing a hard drive is a LAST DITCH EFFORT when all other solutions have failed. I pride myself on not only preserving your data, but also helping you find backup solutions in the worst case scenario.


  • “Sold! So, where is your shop?”


That depends? Where do you live? I’ve never been a big fan of computer shops for the simple reason that they, being complete strangers, expect you to gather up all your cables, software, tower, etc. and leave it in their hands.


So I had an idea; why not service the ailing machine in its own home? (You’ll hear the ‘medical’ analogy a lot, so bear with me.)


It’s been proven that a patient feels more comfortable receiving treatment and care under their own roof. As such, a computer operates in a similar way. ‘Is the issue a poor internet connection?’ Something like that can only be diagnosed using the exact same hardware the machine ‘talks to’ on a daily basis.Also, it’s less hassle for the client, as they may not know exactly what is needed. This cuts down on turnaround time so you can have your machine operating at peak performance faster than it takes a traditional shop.


  • “Is your work guaranteed?” (Added 9.3.11)


Yes. To a point. If we repair a machine that’s returned/serviced on-site and, within days (3 – 5 days, preferred), if something goes wrong that can be directly traced to our error or something missed, we will absolutely do whatever it takes to rectify the issue. 200% guaranteed.


If we're not informed of the issue until weeks after, then there’s a slight issue, as it falls under a new ailment. If you visit a doctor for the flu a week prior, can you hold him responsible for the broken leg you picked up that weekend? Since computers (much like the human body or cars) are an intricate system, issues sometimes do ‘hide,’ not rearing their ugly, misshapen heads until later.


We do not, in any way, profit by returning a defective machine to a client. Not only is it bad in a business-sense, but it’s bad form, in general.


  • “I’m busy, and don’t really want a stranger in my home. Is there anywhere I can drop it off?’”


Sort of. 99% of all the work we perform is done on-site, but sometimes that just isn't going to happen. In many cases, we can arrange for a pickup of your machine (laptops preferred.) Once on site, the tech will talk over the options and let you know what the plan of attack is regarding your machine. The sooner we get it fixed up, the sooner it gets back into your hands.


  • “Actually, I just have a few questions about my machine. Can I just call and ask?”


Absolutely! I love when people ask me questions. I’m egotistical like that! But really, what I like even more is when someone is genuinely interested in their computer and want to learn more. As such, I also offer one-one-one tutoring. Feel free to ask about that, too!


Of course, if the ‘few questions’ turn into an ‘interview,’ We have to charge for the time and knowledge. This isn’t to discourage, but we have to eat, too!