No gimmicks. No tricks. 

No hidden ‘labor costs’.


After the initial hour, it is a recurring charge at the quoted hourly rate.


Support agreements are available for small to mid-sized companies to handle their ongoing IT needs.


Most of the problems we encountere are fixed in under an hour. No guarantees, but that's the norm!


On most occasions, we travel via the fastest route to be as economical for you and environmentally conscious for the planet. If you have places to go and people to see, you’re welcome to drop the system off into our care, schedules permitting!


(99% of all services offered are performed ON-SITE)


If you do prefer a truly "mobile" service, please specify this so that we can be available to receive the machine, and make sure you provide any and all software and cables that came with your system.


We're also willing to work on the system at the coffee-shop of your choice, if you prefer!



We can boast the fastest turnaround time for repairs, often averaging a few hours to a single day. 


Services Offered (But not limited to):


  • Virus/Spyware Troubleshooting/Removal

  • Data Backups/Removal

  • Best-Practice Home/Office Network Security

  • Data Recovery Solutions

  • Custom PC Builds by a 20+ year gamer!

  • LOW-COST PC builds for Home/Office Productivity

  • Education and Tutorials 

  • Preventive Maintenance

  • Software/Hardware Installations

  • Home/Office WiFi and Network Troubleshooting

  • Hardware Recycling and Eco-Friendly Disposal

  • Web (re)Design/Website Recovery/Overhauls

  • Startup/Small Business Consultation

  • Assorted Workshops on various topics


Linux, Windows and Mac-friendly!


**Telephone/E-mail Tech Support

We are a PRIVACY-FOCUSED service.


We do not, for any reason, access/store anyone’s personal files, unless requested.


It’s your data, it’s your business!


If you're still concerned, please see the following PRIVACY POLICY for more information.


Legal Stuff and Footnotes:


At your request, we can schedule a time where we'll sit down with you and, from the first boot of the machine, we'll teach you how to efficiently use your computer whether you’ve been a User for years, or you’ve just recently gotten your first system.


Never assume you know everything already. Even we don’t!


And never let someone tell you "you can’t learn." No matter what your skill level (if any!), you can learn.


Cost-of-parts fluctuates from build to build, the purpose of the build, and the current market value of parts. (We do not ‘do’ markups). Requested software/programs are considered ‘parts.’


A telephone consultation is ALWAYS FREE However, if you’d prefer to do the work yourself, but have us on the phone for support, you will be billed. After all, you may be doing the legwork, but you’re using our knowledge!


(Also, it takes time to put together a full walk-through with screen shots!)