Sometimes, It's Best to Let Go...

This is simply a friendly reminder that sometimes, as much as we like to refurbish and repair, there IS such a thing as "too old." If you have a home or office workstation/desktop/laptop computer, we will always first ask you how old the machine is.

A general rule of thumb is that if the computer is over 5 years old, we will usually refuse service on the computer. This isn't the time to be offended! This is a good thing.

Why is this? Because we respect you as a person. We don't treat our customers like walking wallets, and sometimes, that means giving a tired old machine the Last Rights.

In many cases, a machine that is over the 5-year old mark is simply not cost-effective to maintain, requiring major (sometimes multiple) hardware upgrades. We're at a point where the technology is generally affordable enough to be more efficient, powerful, and overall better quality than components of the past.

It's effectively the reverse of how automobiles, once made of durable steel, now favor lighter (sometimes) less-durable materials. Just like how you won't likely find a Model A chugging down the Highway, we can't recommend keeping an old workhorse running in 2017!

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