I don't mean to brag but... OF COURSE I DO!

But don't take MY word for it...


Take a look at some of the fantastic things people say about SLAVE TO THE MACHINE.

Rebecca L. (President, Beaumont Business Assoc.) -- Portland, OR

OMG! When you have found a great computer guy that comes to your home or office, is super experienced, completely knowledgeable and unbelievably inexpensive, then you want to share him with the WORLD!


If you need your computer fixed, if you have a virus you can't get rid of, if you need something installed, removed or just want your computer to run faster call Slave to the Machine.


My good fortune I share with you! So far Steve has turned me onto a great place to purchase hardware online at super discount prices.


He has repaired my Outlook twice, removed a nasty, invasive spyware, installed malware prevention programs, and installed hardware to make my computer run super fast. So far, I have found Steve to be full of integrity and genuinely loves to help people with their computer needs.


Michael H. -- Portland, OR

I'm a local web designer, and when my computer crashed I needed it fixed ASAP.


I've been around the block and I'm pretty tech savvy...I was unable to get my computer running. For me time is money, and I was losing money if I didn't have my computer. I went to a few places, shopped around everyone quoted me at least a few hundred.


Called him up...set up an appointment the next day! 


Came over within a couple hours, bada-bing, bada-boom things were up and running. Beyond that he even helped fix my Graphics Card properly and threw in a free anti-virus.


HIGHLY recommend this man, and his business. GOT A PROBLEM?? THIS MAN WILL FIX IT !

Deborah N. -- Portland, OR

We've had STTM fix two of our machines just a week apart. My son's computer hasn't been able to get an Internet connection for months.


Steven fixed it in less than an hour. The same teenager fried my laptop about a month ago.


Took it to SLAVE, diagnosed and fixed within an hour. Two machines up and running beautifully for less than $80?Incredible.


I also found his ad on Craig's List, where you have to be wary of computer services advertised. It was obvious that he knew his stuff, so we took a chance. I actually hate to tell anyone about this because he'll get too busy, but you have to share your good fortune.


SLAVE is a rare and fabulous find for anything computer related.

Shanna G. -- Portland, OR
Gina W. -- Camas, WA
Kiran P. -- Portland, OR

Steven did the impossible -- he helped me stop gaming on an age-old, small-screened, memory-zapped laptop by guiding me through the process of building an amazing, inexpensive desktop gaming rig.


By guiding me through the parts list; helping me choose the case, memory, motherboard and graphics card that was right for me; and walking me through the build process, not only did Steven teach me a lot, he also put together a top-notch gaming computer for far less than an off-the-shelf price.


Whether you just want things fixed or you want to learn how to fix and build them yourself, Slave to the Machine is a great choice!

Hooray! Steven helped me get through a "Google Redirect" virus issue. He was great to work with via email and I was able to fix the problem myself -- getting my hands just a little dirty in the process. Thank you!

Jasmine H. -- Portland, OR

We've officially designated Steven as our go-to guy if any issues arise in the future.


He's informative, personable and honest.

Steven came right on the dot for our appointment.


He was here just under 3 hours. He was FANTASTIC. Really knows his stuff. I could not have picked a better person. Will recommend him to everyone who wants a professional, honest, fair and extremely knowledgeble IT person.


His pricing is extremely reasonable/affordable and he does what he needs to and does it fast. How many people can you say that about in today's world? In my experience, not many.


Thank you Steven. 

Gary G. -- Wilsonville, OR
Kristi K. -- Portland, OR
Barbara L. -- Portland, OR

Rapid, efficient diagnosis and problem solving. Very professional, direct, extremely knowledgeable, Apple savvy.


He explained all, was completely candid and above all trustworthy and reliable. Do not hesitate calling Slave To The Machine when you need help.

Steven was wonderful. He replied promptly to my e-mail with a knowledgeable, helpful, informative answer about my problem. He came to my house to work on my computer the same day and did an absolutely stupendous job.


He fixed my problem, and also helped my son with his computer problem, at a very affordable price. I will be calling him again, as I have more computer work that I need him for.


I would recommend him to anyone and everyone. He's great! He obviously knows his stuff, but he doesn't talk down to those who don't, and he's very helpful and responsive.

Steven knows what he is doing & get's it done in a time conscious manner. Responds promptly to e-mail & phone contact as well as followup.


I'm pretty knowledgeable myself so can appreciate what he can do that I can't. Was pleased it was much less painless than I expected.


Up & running quickly.